collection 011


This collection is inspired by simple and primal forms;

focusing on a minimal and functional design to

combine nature and the urban world in timeless

jewellery pieces.  The simplicity of the pure sculptural

forms and geometric lines as the central aesthetic of the

collection, resonating with nature’s energy and its

elegance.  Valuing Peruvian traditional techniques and

craftsmanship of jewellery making, applied with

contemporary design, each piece is handcrafted

exclusively by local artisans in Peru using silver 950.


Jakhu Studio by Marcos Rico
Jakhu Studio Process.jpg
Jakh Studio_Lula Japan_brooche.jpg
Banana Leaf.jpg
Jakhu Studio _ Flowers
JakhuStudio_ Elle Croatia
Jakhu Studio_ Elle Croatia
Jakhu Studio_ Work in Progress
Jakhu Studio Olga.gif
Jakhu Studio by Marcos Rico.jpg
Jakhu Studio
Jakhu Studio Hands.jpg
Jakhu Studio Work in Progress 60.jpg
Jakhu Studio Aretes.jpg
Jakhu Studio Uma Earrings
Jakhu Studio by Marcos Rico.jpg